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I am a British-born global citizen and bon-vivant I want to encourage open and free dialogue on every level, and to make the world a much better place Small minds, look elsewhere.

Truth Unfounded

It used to be that some things could be construed as fact, and not fact. Some things were true, others were not. Now there is no such thing as reality. Everybody seems to consider their own opinion to be objective reality now. How could people be incapable of being able to tel the difference?

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Dive-Thru Cinema

This is the term to use on some peopel in public life. Some people will cry bloody murder until their face is blue a tthe corruption and lies or whoever knows what other nonsense they are choosing to pollute the airwaves with. If these people projected any stronger, they could become a drive-thru cinema.

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Action Ignored

Something amazing is happening right now, and nobody is reporting it. The biggest strike in human history is currently taking place in India. 250 million people have chosen to protest some of Modi's policy changes and this is receiving zero new coverage. It is receiving so little coverage that the author is completely unsure as

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Mr. Johnson, This is a Lighthouse

The Brexit negotiations can be seen a numerous metaphores. The process itself has been represented by a man shooting himself in the foot by many. This includes the Simpsons. This was the immediate gut reaction. While in spirit, this is very much applicable, to describe it as a the following famous joke coming from as

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Trump’s Tainted Touch: The Worst Circus in Town

He Ain't No Midas Mark Bryan'sThe Shit Show  "In just one term in office, Donald Trump has rendered the United States unrecognizable, and has faced no consequences for doing so. He has carried out a sustained assault on democratic institutions, put his family members in charge of critical government functions during a pandemic, called for

From Q Anon to Q Identified: Masks Off!

Q has been identified, and it is exactly who one would expect. QAnon is a curious entity. Like many things in 2020, it has similar antecedents, but the extent strength and power of its influence is almost without precedent. Recessions have happened before, but not like this. Pandemics have happened before, but not like this.

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Boris the Nero

Brexit is at an impasse. This is not news. Things have not progressed at all in the UK in what feels like years. The EU is ready for all scenarios, come-what-may. Michael Gove is telling the world that the EU is not interested and unwilling to talk about Brexit. The EU is saying that, and

New Head Same Body – EU Leadership

The European Union has just concluded its quinquennial ritual of choosing the leaders of its major institutions. This process has, especially since the introduction of the spitzenkandidaat process in 2014, been subject to much criticism for not being very transparent. This is clearly an invalid debate for two reasons. The first is that none of

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