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Refugees In Switzerland Suffering From Lack Of Access To Sex

By SABOOR NADEM I interviewed many refugees of different nationalities in Lucerne, Switzerland. When I asked about their current lives, they spoke only about sex. Many kinds of refugees, including teenagers and adults, who are

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Just Press Record: Looking Back On 3 Years Of Travel And Reporting

Reporting from Rila Today, November second, marks three years to the day from my first and most recent trip to Bulgaria’s Rila Monastery. It so happens I will be returning to the monastery

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What’s Your Top Excuse For Not Traveling The World?

I thought I would be running from toilet to toilet with diarrhea. Upon returning from my first multi-country adventure several years ago, my stomach was ready to explode. I thought I was permanently restricted to

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Turkey Travels

Travel along with Josh Friedman across Turkey east to west. As noted in the first video, a constitutional referendum is taking place on April 16, and thus there is a lot of activity in the

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Travel As A Geopolitical Act: Is Now The Time To Go To Turkey?

Istanbul's Golden Horn with the Galata Tower (center) and Galata Bridge (right) Correction: The number of foreign visitors declined by 30 percent, not 10 percent as originally stated By JOSH FRIEDMAN Want to

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Trump-fearing Americans: A World Of Opportunity Awaits You

By JOSH FRIEDMAN If you are of the belief that a Trump presidency will be a catastrophe, now is an excellent time to search abroad for new opportunities. And if you are one of the

By |November 13th, 2016|Categories: Americas, Analysis, Europe, European Union, FMP Blog, Josh Friedman, Travel, Travel Features|Tags: |Comments Off on Trump-fearing Americans: A World Of Opportunity Awaits You
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