Josh Friedman
Josh FriedmanReporter
Josh Friedman is a journalist covering international news and geopolitics. He currently makes the world his home.
Daniel Palin
Daniel PalinBon-vivant
Small minds, look elsewhere.
Arnold Friedman
Arnold FriedmanContributing Writer
Arnold Friedman was a newspaper reporter for more than 20 years, and he spent more than 10 years helping produce stories for the newsmagazine programs at the ABC, CBS and NBC networks, including CBS’s 60 Minutes.
Saboor NademJournalist
Saboor Nadem is an Afghan journalist-turned refugee. Nadem worked as the program manager for Ghor Radio Firoozkoh in Afghanistan. He is currently reporting for FreeManPost and living in Switzerland, where he has accepted political asylum.
Jaclyn Snow
Jaclyn SnowTravel Columnist
Jaclyn Snow is a California native who has spent most of her time traveling abroad since 2015. While her educational and professional background is in early childhood education, Jaclyn is now a ‘digital nomad’ who offers freelance services online.