From Q Anon to Q Identified: Masks Off!

Q has been identified, and it is exactly who one would expect. QAnon is a curious entity. Like many things in 2020, it has similar antecedents, but the extent strength and power of its influence is almost without precedent. Recessions have happened before, but not like this. Pandemics have happened before, but not like this.

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Wither Democracy?

In 1992, Francis Fukuyama's The End of History and the Last Man was published. The conclusion that he, in this book, had come to was that the course of history would experience a fundamental change in pace. He was not the only one to think this. In fact, due to the fall of the Soviet

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Infinite Men Summit The Capital Of Bulgaria

Alex "Sasha Daygame" Lasarev By JOSH FRIEDMAN SOFIA, Bulgaria — Departing from countries ranging from Japan to Brazil and Canada to New Zealand, men of countless walks of life journeyed to Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe’s highest capital, to absorb the teachings of a lineup of lesser-known gurus assembled by a comedian-turned-pickup artist-turned-professional at “waking

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New Cannibal Creed

Editor’s Note: Brent Sanders is a lyricist for the band Urban Grey. FreeManPost is publishing a collection of songs he has written, the first being Antifa Love. New Cannibal Creed By BRENT SANDERS People.. Dinner's ready The menu is divine Your two favorite prey To the left or right When free speech zones Mean truth's demise

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Antifa Love

UC Berkeley Riot Editor's Note: Brent Sanders is a lyricist for the band Urban Grey. FreeManPost will be publishing a collection of songs he has written, beginning with Antifa Love.   Antifa Love By BRENT SANDERS B) Hate can’t be allowed to prosper in the system — It must be banned; it must

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homme musulman et femme juive

En août 2015, à Jaffa, au sud de Tel-Aviv, le mariage d'un jeune homme musulman et d'une jeune femme juive avait dû être célébré sous surveillance..... Un roman qui met en scène l'histoire d'amour d'une Israélienne et d'un Palestinien a été interdit dans les lycées par le ministère de l'Education israélien. Une décision qui fait

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Search For Love on a Phone ? Love is Not Sex

A generation of young people has grown up accustomed to using smartphone apps for pretty much everything, including dating. But maybe it's just as fun, awkward, nerve-wracking and occasionally wonderful as it was before? And if it doesn't work out, the options for the next date are almost limitless. "I'm a little nervous," says Whitney

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Transformer une rencontre en une relation durable…

Les femmes sont-elles de plus en plus nombreuses à connaître une expérience homosexuelle au cours de leur vie ? A en croire les chiffres obtenus par l’institut Nastal (National Survey of Sexual Attitude and Lifestyles), le nombre de femmes britanniques ayant eu une relation sexuelle avec une autre femme a été multiplié par 4, 10.

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