What Do Greek Macedonians Think Of The Macedonia Name Deal?

  Report from Skopje:   Original: Josh Friedman interviews locals in Thessaloniki, the capital of Greece's Macedonia region, about the longstanding name dispute between Greece and Macedonia, aka FYROM, and about the recent agreement that

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New Government, Buried Tensions In Macedonia

By JOSH FRIEDMAN SKOPJE, Macedonia - Following a turbulent two-year political crisis, Macedonia has a new government and is seeking to expedite its bids to join NATO and the European Union. While tensions have cooled

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Athenian Democracy In The Marketplace Of Ideas

Josh Friedman discusses the legacy of democracy while standing at its birthplace in Athens, Greece.   The ruins of the Ancient Greek agora in Athens The Acropolis in Athens

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Afghan Refugee Attempts Suicide In Athens

Amin By SABOOR NADEM and JOSH FRIEDMAN A 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker slit his wrists with a razor at a Greek refugee camp in Athens on Monday. The suicide attempt failed, and following

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Refugees Throw Dinner In The Garbage (Video)

Saboor Nadem reports from the refugee camp at the Olympic baseball stadium in Athens, Greece. Watch asylum seekers throw chicken, rice, peas and potatoes in the garbage in protest of the quality of food they receive.

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The Idomeni Podcast

Brent Sanders showing off a jacket and a tent he grabbed in Idomeni. FreeManCast: Idomeni and Refugee Integration The podcast offers a critical look at the refugees arriving in Europe. Josh Friedman is joined

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