Hungary Asks EU To Help Pay For Border Fence

Hungary's border fence and migrant housing/detention center at the Serbian-Hungarian border UPDATE: The European Union turned down Hungary's request. ORIGINAL: The Hungarian government is asking the European Union to cover 400 million euros

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5-Country Day With A Look At Little Liechtenstein And EU Borders

  Josh Friedman embarks upon a day of border hopping in Central Europe complete with a look inside and out of the microstate Liechtenstein and an examination of the complex web of borders or lack

FreeManCast: The Making Of Fake News And Where The Refugees Came From

  Overtly false news published and packaged for profit. Government propaganda and information warfare. Highly questionable reporting that is accepted as fact and spread by mass media institutions. What exactly is fake news and how

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Russia, Belarus Celebrate ‘Unity Day’

Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin Editor’s note: For some background on the recent protests in Belarus and Russia, read interviews with demonstrators conducted by the Vilnius Students for Liberty and published by Freedom Today.

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Kosovo Celebrates Independence. How Independent Is Kosovo?

Kosovo celebrated nine years of independence from Serbia on Friday. But, just how independent is Kosovo? The small Balkan state is currently prohibited by its own constitution from having a military. Nearly two decades after

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United States Plummets To 17th In Economic Freedom Rankings

By Josh Friedman The United States fell to 17th place in the Economic Freedom Index, an annual ranking of countries by economic liberty. Nations like the United Arab Emirates, Georgia and Lithuania now offer more

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