Afghan asylum seeker Rashid Noori, who reportedly worked as an interpreter for U.S. and UK troops in Afghanistan, says he suffered a severe beating earlier this month in Sofia, Bulgaria. Noori says he has lost half of his hearing in one of his ears, and he was nearly left for dead on the street.

A group of about 15 teens allegedly attacked Noori while he was waiting to board a bus to his migrant camp. Noori said that was the third time he was beaten in Sofia. The attackers also stole his money and cell phone, Noori said.

Noori alleges a gang of Bulgarian teens frequently beats Afghan migrants at the same bus stop.

The Afghan asylum seeker has been in Bulgaria for approximately five months. He is seeking asylum in the United States or another European country.

Watch a previous interview with Noori in which he discusses working for NATO troops in Afghanistan and fleeing the Taliban: