Josh Friedman reports from within the march.

Hundreds of far-right German nationalists marched through the city of Dortmund Saturday. Many of the demonstrators yelled chants calling for national socialism while walking through the city streets.

German riot police marched alongside the nationalists, creating a barrier between them and the hundreds, or possibly thousands, of counter-demonstrators who showed up. The counter-demonstrators were spread throughout the city along the route of the march. Little, if any, violence was reported.

Police estimated about 900 nationalists participated in the march. Some people say 1,000 or more participated. Critics have accused German police in the past of intentionally underestimating the size of crowds at far-right demonstrations.

The organizers of Saturday’s march dubbed the event the “Day of a German Future” (TDDZ). The march covered a route of about five kilometres. The nationalists stopped along the way, and speakers delivered a series of speeches.