You probably thought, when reading the headline that this was something explaining which gender identities are superior and why. Those on the right would assume that this article will promote homosexuality. Those on the left would assume that this would promote the two traditional genders. In fact, this is not the case, no one gender is superior to any other. This is a fact. Just as any one person is no better than any other, but only different. These differences can come in the form of ethnicity, age, nationality, political affiliation, diet preferences, and in this case, gender identity. Gender identity has been something that has managed to come to the forefront of headlines and society. It is becoming much more acceptable for one to defy gender norms. This goes from women’s participation in the work place, men taking the role of raising children, to having a sex change. We can see this through how Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black is an international celebrity, and Caitlyn Jenner’s willingness to open herself to criticism to defend the rights of all those who seem to defy our traditional gender norms. In fact, each one of our gender identities has its own perks. Let us have a look at some of these.

Being androgynous means that a person has both elements of masculinity and femininity. The advantage here is that you can choose which elements of either masculinity and or femininity as it suits you.

This means that you are attracted to all that is masculine, male, or a man. The advantage here is that you get to attracted to what is physically strong.

This means that you experience very little sexual attraction to any group of people. The good thing here is that you are not distracted by sexual thoughts and can get on with other parts of your life.

This is a person who identifies as both male and female. Thanks to this, you will be attractive to both those who live men, and those who like women.

By being bisexual you are attracted to both men and women. The good thing here, is that you can approach almost anyone in the clubs and bars.
Cisgender (cis-man or cis-woman)

Somebody who is cisgender is either male or female and behaves in a way in which their gender identity, and biology all align. The good thing here is that more traditional societies will definitely approve of you.
Drag King/Queen

A drag king or queen performs in a way in which they present an exaggerated version of traditional male or female gender norms. They may be male or female. The good thing here is that you will always provide some form of entertainment, given that comedy sometimes comes in the form of exaggeration.

A transvestite dresses as the opposite of their gender expression. It allow you to become more empathetic towards all genders.

A transsexual has undergone medical treatment to change to the opposite biological sex that they were born with. The advantage here, is that these individuals can truly express their inner gender identity.

Being gender fluid means that you identify as different genders at different times. The good thing here is that by being this way, and changing interests, you will never be bored.

This means being attracted to members of the same sex. As a result, you will always know what best pleases your partner.

This means not identifying with any gender. This way, you do not have to play these gender games.

This means being attracted to all that is female, feminine, and women. So everything that you will like will be soft and nice.

This is a person who’s physical anatomy does not fit within the realm of male and female. This can mean having XXY chromosomes for instance, as well as a uterus and a penis. The good thing here is that you are unique.

It could be argued that all men are hypersexual. Meaning that one has exceptionally strong sexual attraction. Being horny is good. Being horny all the time is better, no?

Somebody who has physical and romantic attraction to all gender identities. The good thing here is that you are attracted to literally everybody.

This means that you are attracted exclusively to those who do not identify as cisgender. This means that you like all that is not traditional, well done.
Third Gender

This is a person who identifies neither as male nor female. The good thing here is that this way, you can straddle both.