Before starting, as a quick disclaimer, I am not sexist, but as a man, I am obliged to objectify women. If this is not logical to you, then come back and get a sense of humour or whatever. At any rate, read on and laugh.

5 – Sheila Simon

Watch out for that gargantuan set of teeth.


4 – Zoe Lofgren

Gary Busey, that is all.


3 – Janet Yellen

You would probably be pulling the exact same face if she turned up in your bedroom naked. Like the Wicked Witch of the West, she’s Melting! Melting!

2 – Janet Napolitano

No, this is not Al Gore in drag, but somebody who must be extremely good at her job. She didn’t get promoted for her looks, clearly.


1 – Janet Reno

Heading our list is the wonderful Janet Reno. I mean, just look at her! While Mrs. Reno may be a very skilled politician, and fantastic at her job, nobody can deny that she looks like a 12-year-old boy suffering from Down Syndrome. Well done Mrs. Reno on coming so far in spite of your disability.



I think that the moral of the story here kids, is that you should not name your daughters Janet.