UC Berkeley Riot

Editor’s Note: Brent Sanders is a lyricist for the band Urban Grey. FreeManPost will be publishing a collection of songs he has written, beginning with Antifa Love.



B) Hate can’t be allowed to prosper in the system

It must be banned; it must be ostracized!

D) Bigots, racists, vile misogynists,

Sexists, ageists, cis-gender homophobes,

Ablists, rapists, and genocidal Nazis,

Red necks, white men —

You won’t be tolerated

B) Our love, righteous anger, will replace this system —

Your hate be damned in our society!

D) The fists of welcome, the arms of outcry,

The scourge of fascists, we preach the violence

Of love (x2)

D) We protest peacefully

Attacking no one

But those we disagree with

Because their voices hurt

Our over-sensitivity

So when we beat them

We spread the love

Promoting peace

And racial harmony

D) We are antifa, won’t stop at outcry,

Just like the fascists, we use the violence

Of love

B) Love

D) Love to hate, love to hate you

B) Violence

D) Of love

B) We are antifa

D) Love to hate, love to hate

B) Embrace antifa