A trio of female Boko Haram (WTF is Boko Haram?) suicide bombers teaming up with other militants from the Islamist group killed at least 86 people Saturday night in northeastern Nigeria. Witnesses who survived heard screams of children burning to death, AP reports.

The Islamists militants attacked Dalori, a Nigerian village, as well as two nearby refugee camps which house 25,000 refugees. Militants firebombed huts and opened fire on residents.

Troops engaged the Boko Haram fighters, but the soldiers were not as well armed as the Islamist militants. After reinforcements arrived with heavier weapons, the troops managed to drive out the Islamist fighters.

Boko Haram attackers left burned corpses and bodies with bullet wounds in the streets of Dalori and at the neighboring camps.

Officials collected 86 bodies on Sunday afternoon. Sixty-two surviving victims are receiving treatment for burns.

Several Boko Haram suicide bombers have blown themselves up this week. A suicide bombing in neighboring Cameroon killed more than 30 people on Monday.

Boko Haram has killed about 20,000 people in its 6-year Islamic insurgency. The terror group has also displaced more than 2 million people.