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This Wall is Bananas


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Freeman Cast: Of Gods, Kings, Wine, and Vodka

In Vino Veritas  

Freeman Cast Paris, Prague, and Greeced but Whole

Hi there,   Check out our latest episode. We cover the city of lights that is Paris, the quaint Czech capital that is Prague, and the terrifying Greek Crisis.

An Interesting Trip to Macedonia – Skopje Part Deux

A discussion of the latest Macedonian voyage, which comes amid political unrest and on the heels of an eruption of violence that left 24 dead.  

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An Interesting Trip – Roaming In Romania

Dan and Josh decided to take a trip up to Romania. Learn about some of the wonders of Romania with our special co-host Brian.

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An Interesting Trip – Skopje: A Balkan Vegas

Josh and Daniel made a short trip to Macedonia's capital. Find out what we thought of the Balkan Vegas

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