Mr. Cameron’s Conservative party has won a landslide victory in the recent UK elections. Such a wide majority was expected by very few sources. While not all might agree with the result, this cloud does have a clear silver lining. The leader of the xenophobic UKIP party, Nigel Farage has resigned. This follows the disappointing results shown by its party. One good element of this news is the fact that it now seems less likely that the UK will choose to leave the EU, thus destabilizing the economy and driving out many firms given that many of UKIP’s supporters would have backed the so-called “Brexit”. The other good element is thata we might finally have seen the back of the septic purple and yellow boil known as Libel Faggot. Although, like other infections and afflictions that we suffer from, he might be back stronger than ever at some time in future, we must take this moment to breath a sigh of relief, and crack open a bottle of our favorite French wine.