The European Central Bank, also known as the ECB was struck by protests today. The whole affair involved the arrest of nearly 400 anti capitalists with one agenda. They seek to try to make Mario Draghi and their colleagues go back on opening the new ECB headquarters in Frankfurt.

Once again the Occupy Movement shows its remarkable ability to see sense by focusing on the construction of a single building. While this building might be the waste of money that some might believe it to be, it is rather striking that they should focus on this. The ECB is far from perfect, but one must be aware of the absurdity of the act of deciding to focus on this new edifice, as opposed to things which actually matter to the economy. What about reforming the ECB? What about getting rid of it? What about choosing for it to go in a different direction in terms of policy? These would all be far more useful questions to ask, as opposed to burning cars, making noise, and being a general nuisance.