There is a mantra floating around the world at the moment. Everyone seems to be repeating it with absolutely no thought and consideration for the facts. FOLLOW YOUR DREAMs is a lie.If you truly want to follow your dreams, stay asleep. Otherwise, get real, and become aware of the fact that all hope is lost. This is because there is no hope to gain.

Lie: You Can Do Anything if You Apply Yourself
Truth: Not matter what you want, you get what you get.

This is central to our modern capitalist mentality. It is also backed up by those of us who have experienced success. Well what about the millions who failed? Do you know what they did? They applied themselves. They did their best, and still failed. You also see super successful individuals who seem not to try at all.

Lie: Only You Can Determine Your Success
Truth: Only randomness Determines Your Success

If you honestly think that you are responsible for every element of your success, think again. This is totally false. Everything you do is compared to what someone else did. Your success is, by definition, relative. Think about it. Let’s say that you want to be CEO of a big company. You cannot do this unless something happens to the CEO. Either the board, CEO, or a certain illness or accident must be involved in the process. Use your brain.


Lie: The World Views You How You View Yourself
Truth: The World Views You However Way It Chooses to View You

Two things can be done to prove this point. Try telling everybody that you are a unicorn (no offense to those unicorns reading). Do it. Do it right now, and realise that only insane people, and those that think that you are insane will agree with you. Not only that, but whether what you do is seen as good or bad is entirely up to the person witnessing your actions.

Lie: Everybody Has Unlimited Potential Which Only Needs Unlocking
Truth: Some People are Just Better Than Others

I know that this is hard to believe, but some people are better than others. In case you had not noticed, everybody is different. Even identical twins. No two people are exactly as good at doing something. Your potential is also limited. No matter how hard you try, you will never sprout wings and fly.

Lie: Everybody Has Their Moment to Shine
Truth: You Will Die Alone, Broke, and Unknown


You want your fifteen minutes of fame? They already passed. This was on the day that you were born. At that point, you were a superstar to everyone who knew you.Ever since then, the number of people who truly care has been shrinking and shrinking, until you are left with nothing but your own thoughts.

All in all, your dreams will end up being nothing better than a mess on the ground. The kind of mess that leads up to a hangover after a heavy night.