May 8 (day following the election): At least 1,000 people protested Macron in Paris following his election win. Josh Friedman reports from the protest.

Election night update: Emmanuel Macron is projected to win the French presidency with more than 65 percent of the vote.

Josh Friedman reports from Paris on a presidential election day in France in which there is such a stark contrast between the two finalists that the vote is, at least symbolically, a referendum on European Union membership and the competing ideologies of globalism and nationalism.

In similar fashion to last year’s United States presidential election, the French vote is taking place amid a purported Russian hacking scandal. Again, major media are accusing hackers with ties to Russia of targeting the pro-globalization candidate; this time leaks are pouring out of the campaign of French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron. While visiting the former headquarters of satirical newspaper Charlier Hebdo — the site of a 2015 terror attack and now a monument to free expression — Josh Friedman discusses fallout from the leaks, particularly a newly imposed limitation on press freedom.


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