In the first-ever nomadic journalism webinar, I reveal my formula for traveling to 20+ countries a year and share some stories from the reporting trails. Where should you be based? How can you find news to cover? And what are some of the tricks of the trade of a globetrotting journalist?


Need to learn my NOMADIC JOURNALISM FORMULA immediately. Here it is:

  1. Set up remote work — This can be in any field, not just journalism. It allows you to immediately have an income stream when you go abroad.
  2. Move somewhere inexpensive with travel and reporting opportunities — Bulgaria makes for a great home base for me, but not necessarily for you.
  3. Book trips around cheap flights and newsworthy events — Have a strategy for cheap flights or ground transport (budget airlines, credit card miles etc.) and be ready to book or hit the road as soon as a journalistic opportunity arises.
  4. Go cover the news/produce content regardless of whether or not you have sold the story – Because you LOVE doing it — With time and a body of work, you will receive interest from people and organizations willing to pay for content. Other monetization opportunities will also appear.

Ready to lift off as a nomadic journalist? Want some extra help getting started?

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