Josh Friedman made two trips to the Mexican-Guatemalan border this year, both following the break-up of a migrant caravan from Central America.

First, Friedman produced a series of reports from the Mexican-Guatemalan border in late January, just days following major clashes there between Mexico’s National Guard and a migrant caravan.

Then in early October, Friedman returned to the Suchiate River and the Mexican-Guatemalan border as another caravan was trying — and mostly failing to make its way north through Guatemala and into Mexico.

From January:

Has the situation been diffused, as some media have suggested? Are more migrants arriving? Is Mexico succeeding in stopping migrants from crossing the Suchiate River, which forms a stretch of the Mexican-Guatemalan border? Watch and find out.

From October:

How has the situation changed amid the pandemic? Is the Guatemalan government still allowing migrants to transit through Guatemala en route to Mexico and potentially the United States? Will Mexican authorities continue to crack down on Central American migrants trying to enter the United States via Mexico?

Interviews with migrants:

Also watch a series of interviews conducted near the border with Central American migrants attempting the trek to the United States: