The Brexit negotiations can be seen a numerous metaphores. The process itself has been represented by a man shooting himself in the foot by many. This includes the Simpsons. This was the immediate gut reaction. While in spirit, this is very much applicable, to describe it as a the following famous joke coming from as early as the 1930s:

There was a dense summer fog and the officer on the bridge was becoming more and more exasperated. As he leaned over the side of the bridge trying to pierce the gloom, he saw a hazy figure leaning on a rail a few yards from his ship.

He almost choked.

– “What do you think you’re doing with your blinking ship?” he roared. “Don’t you know the rules of the sea?”This ain’t no blinkin’ ship, guv’nor,” said a quiet voice; “this ‘ere’s a light’ouse!”

The dramatised Swedish commercial better illustrates the story. The dramatisation better represents this as it features a US navy warship arguing with a Spanish lighthouse.

The same can be said

The actions of the British government are about as myopic as the (in)famous “fog in Channel, Continent Cut Off.” headline.