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Bratislava, Slovakia: Stuck In The Middle Of Europe

Josh Friedman takes you to Bratislava, Slovakia, which is in the middle of Europe geographically and politically. Bratislava is quaint and located between popular European tourists destinations, yet Slovakia is often overlooked as a country,

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The Beaches Of Normandy: Where American Soldiers Charged Into Nazi Gunfire

Take a trip to the D-Day beaches of Normandy, France where Allied soldiers sacrificed their lives by charging into German gunfire. Josh Friedman takes you to Pointe Du Hoc, where American rangers first climbed the

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Turkey East To West

Watch Josh Friedman's Turkey East To West playlist showcasing a trip around Turkey at a pivotal moment in the history of the modern Turkish republic. Head from up in the mountains in the east to

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Ancient Greek City Turned Turkish Aegean Gem

Josh Friedman visits Izmir, Turkey where both an ancient Greek agora and an Ottoman bazaar can be found in the middle of town. Take a look at the fusion, as well as separation of Greek

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Athenian Democracy In The Marketplace Of Ideas

Josh Friedman discusses the legacy of democracy while standing at its birthplace in Athens, Greece.   The ruins of the Ancient Greek agora in Athens The Acropolis in Athens

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WTF Is Transnistria?

Step inside a place that does exist but is not formally recognized as a country. Josh Friedman takes you to Transnistria, the region that broke away from Moldova and has its own parliament, president and

By |July 25th, 2016|Categories: Europe, Featured, Josh Friedman, Travel, Travel Videos, What the f*** is?, WTF Is?|Comments Off on WTF Is Transnistria?
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