FreeManPost is your source for unique features on international news and geopolitics, as well as on how to travel the world efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether it be breaking the story that led to a Lithuanian-speaking asylum seeker from Afghanistan being flown into Lithuania, or reporting on the date and location of a secretive Bilderberg Meeting months in advance, FreeManPost has a knack for breaks that compel other and larger media to take notice of its reporting. Also, be sure to check out our travel section for tips and tricks that will certainly get you going farther at a fraction of the going rate.

In 2014, journalist Josh Friedman and columnist Daniel Palin co-founded FreeManPost while both were living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Friedman and Palin sought to build a team of writers and reporters who could take on the daunting task of literally covering the world.

Other contributors to the site include travel writer Jaclyn Snow, broadcast journalist Saboor Nadem and Friedman’s father, Arnold Friedman, a former newspaper reporter and producer of stories for news magazine shows like 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. Brent Sanders, a Bulgaria-based English teacher and lyricist, serves as a FreeManPost editor.