“I don’t want these people in Bulgaria,” Dinko Valev, Bulgaria’s renowned “refugee hunter,” says of the asylum seekers entering Europe during recent migrant waves.

Valev (aka Dinko from Yambol) obtained fame and possibly fortune after he tied up a group of asylum seekers, filmed them lying on the ground and called the police to pick them up. Video footage of the incident went viral and sparked a citizens’ campaign led by Valev to patrol the Bulgarian-Turkish border and search for illegal immigrants.

In an interview with FreeManPost in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, Valev speaks about life, migrants and European politics and security. Valev describes a kill or be killed type atmosphere in Europe with terrorists pouring into the continent amid refugee flows. Find out what percentage of asylum seekers arriving in Europe Valev believes are potential terrorists.

Valev places blame for the rash of terror attacks, at least in large part, on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whom he describes as a “very stupid woman.” On the contrary, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov is “perfect,” Valev said.

Hear in the interview Valev’s story about what prompted him to begin capturing migrants, as well as what the public response has been. Likewise, hear about Valev’s high-powered weapons acquisitions, which include armored vehicles and a helicopter.

“I want. I buy it,” Valev said. “I like tanks. I like guns. I live everything.”

When asked if he would be ready to defend Bulgaria from a potential mass influx of migrants, Valev said, “I have five tanks. I have  enough guns. I have enough stuff to make what I want. But I don’t want dead people. I want everybody to be happy.”